Why, Why, Why… Why, Why?

Why was the photograph of a potato by Kevin Abosch sold for 1 million Euros?

It’s true! I heard it from CNN and many other credible sources and there are many articles that have been written on it as the one I just read. Here is the link to the article. As I read this I thought maybe what everyone else was thinking, Why, Why, Why? Would anyone even think to purchase this picture pass the $100 amount let alone thousands or hundreds of thousands for a photograph? And I think the article does a good job as to why so I won’t retype what has already been written, but there is a story… now 1 million dollars I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for that picture but I can respect it and if I was in that market and that was my thing I guess I would consider it.

In My Profession

In my own profession and expertise, I get some of this same feedback when people don’t understand that I speak on stage for 90 minutes and get paid $7,500. It’s crazy, no?

No! It Is Not Crazy

It’s not crazy because it has taken me 5 years of research that I compiled into the book I authored, Being Wise, the practice, and development of each personal story and presentation skills to deliver a keynote speech to motivate inspire and give actionable content to a group of 200 – 1500 people. The time and skills applied to make such an impact that results in growth to those individuals and that organization is huge! So it is not crazy, its BRILLIANT! VALUABLE! and IMPORTANT!

For those not speaking or in a market of expertise I say be an expert at something, share your God-given gifts when you find it (everyone has them, don’t believe me, check out Jason Hewlett and his message)

Another key takeaway I think is that confidence sells and networking is important. For more information to apply the six advantages to one’s greatest factor to success click here to order and complete our Real Life Advantage Workbook.

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