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Online Training (Online) Real Life Advantage Training Course: Apply the 6 Advantages to Our Greatest Factor for Success

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Training Online

Our expertise in one full training program. This is it! The most talked about and proven way to implement time-tested information that drives attitude and effort, better results, deeper relationships, and greater overall success.

Through research, application, and Kevin Strong’s highly rated book, Being Wise, the Real Life Advantage training course with the Real Life Advantage Workbook takes each attendee on an entertaining and step by step process to improve in business and in life. This course combines humor and illustrations with business insight and analysis. It starts off with each attendee taking the 360° self-assessment and learning how much they lean towards either the 6 detriments or the 6 advantages and then being guided to an easy to implement, step by step process to have all 6 advantages work for them in all areas of their life.

Attendees will learn:

  • Instructor-led Web-Based Seminar (Webinar).
  • Select from multiple dates and times that are convenient for you.
  • Have recordings of the online course available to watch again.
  • Additional thoughts, ideas, and insights learned in a group (live course, online course or independent study course with your own formed group).
  • The foundation for all personal development. This is the fundamentals and it’s been said, “Be great at the fundamentals!”
  • A proven plan with guaranteed results that is individualized to get you from where you are today, to where you are going.
  • Increased productivity, greater morale, bigger results, faster innovation, stronger relationships and greater overall success.
  • To increase your adaptability to change.
  • To be a quicker and more effective decision maker.
  • To boost your confidence, purpose and self-motivation.
  • Test results from the 360° self-assessment.
  • How every decision is made with the same 5 simple steps.
  • How to attract the best support system.
  • How to connect with others and build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • How to see opportunities when given obstacles for a win-win outcome.
  • To become more aware of your talents and strengths you have.
  • Daily habits that leads to a quality life.
  • The 4 simple tasks that MUST be done every day.
  • How to capture and spread a vision to a productive taskforce.
  • How to attract new business and create customer loyalty.
  • How to become memorable and leave a lasting legacy.
  • How to help others make decisions and to close more sales.
  • Why and how the top people see the world’s opportunities that most don’t.
  • How to generate and recall good ideas you have.
  • How to get the most important tasks completed each day and increase time management.
  • Upcoming changes we will see and setting ourselves up to capitalize on them.
  • What your competitors are doing and what they wish you won’t ever know about.


“Your content changed my life”

“Lost 30 pounds and feel empowered”

“Our relationship is stronger and more meaningful”

“Received a promotion at work directly related from the efforts I learned in this training program”

“Happier at work, have higher energy and a better attitude”

“I am better at time management, making decisions, being organized, and feel more in the present day!”


About Kevin Strong

Kevin Strong is the author of the highly rated book, Being Wise, and is a personal development expert and business leader. Delivering several live events annually, Kevin is becoming known for his life-changing presentations that engage the audience with humor, memorable stories, and easy to implement steps to improve.


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