Kevin Strong Trainer Consultant

What Happens Next?


One of the biggest questions we continue to receive in follow up to our keynote speaking events is what happens next? Understanding that professional development and performance improvement is an ongoing process and not an event, we are addressing what happens next through our Real Life Advantage Training Course.


Our Real Life Advantage Training Course (Live, Online or Independent Study) was designed specifically for clients that want to provide ongoing reinforcement of our curriculum and drive accountability toward performance targets immediately following one of Kevin’s events. This training course incorporates all forms of learning styles and gives a step by step process that sparks customization and creativity to get the biggest benefits for your organization and that of each individual. The participants enjoy increased productivity, greater morale, bigger results, faster innovation, stronger relationships and greater overall success.


Our approach to Consulting and Coaching is customized, collaborative and designed specifically for you to help you get from where you are today, to where you are going. Our courses utilize our full research and have actionable steps that lead to results for your purpose. In our opinion, too many mistakenly focus on the “inputs” (our fee and our time) instead of the “outputs” (our value, the client’s needs and how we improve their situation.) Because you wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a presentation for 30 people with less preparation and a presentation for 3,000 people with extensive preparation please call 702-763-4862 and we can discuss 3 good options that may fit your needs and your budget.

For prices call 702-763-4862 Half Day and Full Day Rates Available