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There are two ways our brains work

The Two Ways Our Brains Work

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There are two ways your brain works either through autopilot and then there are things to push you outside of your comfort zone. So with this, I will take you through the three stages of life Child, Teenager and Adult.

As a Child

As a Child, you are mostly on autopilot and it is your parent’s job to tell you to stop doing things you shouldn’t such as drawing crayon on the wall or to do things such as to get out of bed its time for school and when parents do this with LOVE it makes all the difference! So go from telling the child what not to do and what to do we will transition to teenagers:

As a Teenager

As a Teenager you like what autopilot is and it is your parent’s job to help and encourage you to want to push yourself out of autopilot and into you growing outside of your comfort zone (see why being a teenager is so difficult and is often an awkward place to be, it’s not comfortable autopilot anymore. Could you also see why it’s sometimes a struggle for parents rearing teenagers?) and when again a teenager feels their parents have their best interests in mind and is done with LOVE rearing teenagers is much more effective. Next is being an adult:

As an Adult

As an Adult you still like autopilot and most people like to stay here and with parents out of the picture for the most part that’s where a lot of people stay. As an adult though you should push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is up to you to push yourself, you are never going to feel like doing anything so stop waiting until you feel like it. As an adult push yourself to exercise, push yourself to eat fresh vegetables, push yourself to wake up earlier it’s your responsibility as an Adult. It is very simple… yes simple, but notice I didn’t say it’s easy. It is not easy. How is it simple though because following the Real Life Advantage Workbook allows for each individual no matter their background or circumstances a game plan. We offer only one thing and this is it, this is our expertise and takes into account all of our research.
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To do the first part to teach children 2 to 12 years old I recommend watching the videos from the very credible doctor Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. who created 1-2-3 Magic and More 1-2-3 Magic. Thanks for watching! I wish for you, your team that we become the best adults we can be!


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