The Second Favorite Holiday

The Second Favorite Holiday

We are grateful for holidays. We appreciate the time off work, the time with family, the time with friends and to fulfilling our weeks of planning. What is the second favorite holiday of Americans? According to research done by Harris Polling, it is Thanksgiving. We like the feeling of being grateful. Our attitudes are changed even if for a brief time because we took the time to think of what we have, whom we have relationships with and where we are today. Gratitude is powerful and is so deserving of its own holiday. I am grateful for family, for the freedom from soldiers who have fought in past wars to give us freedom, for the food which was grown to feed them. I am grateful for my parents, for work, for customers, for relationships. I am grateful for the first combustible engine, the math, science, innovations of our day and so much more. I can think of many things to be grateful for and for that I am grateful. It feels good to write this message about the second favorite holiday, but it does bring the question well what is the first?

The favorite holiday of Americans is Christmas. It is a holiday that takes grateful people and puts that attitude into action. What do I mean by this? Well, when you are grateful for the people in your life and the things you have then it is natural that you want others to have it too. We give presents wrapped in boxes with ribbons and bows. We send Christmas cards to people we want to stay in contact with. We sing carols to strangers to lift their spirits and share the great messages of the season to give them hope and love. One of my favorite movies around Christmas time is The Muppet Christmas Carol. In this movie when the ghost of Christmas present is with Ebeneezer Scrooge he sings a song that “wherever you find love it feels like Christmas”. The holiday cheer, the love that we give and the love we receive puts this holiday on the top! I wish for you, your family and your friends this holiday season much love.

What do you have to be grateful for? Write out your list. Once done follow it up with loving the people on it. Love others by sharing it with others.

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