The greatest a person can aspire to “is to love”


What is love? It sure is talked about, especially around this time of year with Valentine’s Day, but what is love? And why is it so great?

Let us take the word “Love”. It is one word, but it is commonly used with 3 different meanings.

1. Love: I love you son/daughter, car, dog, movie, etc.

2. Love: Look at that young couple, they are so in love. (falling in and out of love)

3. Love: (not lust) The appreciation, deep connection feeling of “What I can give to you I will”.

It is easy to see why some may get confused with so many meanings on one word and additionally when they are often used interchangeably. Simply put in easy to understand terms is that love is an offering to help build or uplift another or yourself. For you mathematicians 0+1=1. Value is added. So why is it so great? because its positive and the more positive you have the greater it is. When you smile you show your love, when you give service to another you show your love, when you buy your spouse gifts or write them a card you show your love.

Love yourself

Now one way to love yourself, help build or uplift yourself is when others do you wrong and you forgive them. When you do this you root out your bitterness, your hard heart, your negative feelings and in return for loving yourself by forgiving others you have the peace of mind, happiness and joy in your life again. If you choose not to love yourself by not forgiving others then you are the one that suffers, you are the one that is in a state of mind of pain and agony. This concept is shown very well in the gospel of Jesus Christ, belief in it or not it is a gospel of love so I will share it. God so loved the world that he sent his son. Christ did nothing wrong, yet he loved the world and took upon himself the sins of you and of the people that do you harm. Will you deny Christ your forgiveness to him? For he is one who carries their sins and advises you to forgive all people, for he suffered innocently for them and it is up to him for whom he shall forgive but for us it is required to forgive all men. Part of what we learn through life is learning to love and one of the greatest ways that teach you to love and be loved is being around people whether it’s your spouse, children or friends.


A decent person loves others

Decency is one of the 6 main points to view life as it really is and love goes hand in hand with decency. I will leave you with a sentence I think sums up what I believe this blog post is all about:

“The greatest a person can aspire to “is to love”. Love is an action word. You don’t give love because one deserves it; you give love because you want to.” -Kevin Strong


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