The Game of Buying and Selling

Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and sellers have the same goal in mind which is to fill the needs and the needs of others through Quality. This goal however sometimes has mistrust and gimmicks that have been applied from both sides which have plagued the industry for years. Let’s take a simplified perspective from both sides:

A good, experienced, and knowledgeable buyer knows what they want and they look for sellers that are experts without telling them their problem so they can be sure the seller isn’t trying to be an expert in something they aren’t really experts in.

A good, experienced, and knowledgeable seller  is wanting to find buyers that have a problem they can solve with their expertise and then they get tempted to sell themselves to fix a problem for a buyer they aren’t really experts at fixing.

So the game begins…

In sales, regardless if you are a buyer or a seller no one likes “to be sold.” The buyer doesn’t want to regret their purchase and the seller doesn’t want to come off as a used-car salesman. But what if the buyers don’t see they indeed do have a problem? Then this is where a good seller can help a buyer get a problem fixed through Quality! The seller can ask the right questions to help a buyer see where they want to go, what problem they indeed do have, and how big that problem is. After this, if the buyer sees the problem and the seller shows the value they can offer to fix this problem then a sale is made.

When this happens then the seller doesn’t come off as a used-car salesman. Instead, they come off as the consultant (built a relationship). The seller has created a win-win situation where a Quality product/service is provided to fix a problem and the buyer has a Quality purchase.


When you’re being sold is it based on your needs? When you’re selling to others is it based on their needs?

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