The Beginning of Something Amazing

In The Beginning

The excitement of sharing what you believe, the value you can offer, and to be at the beginning of something amazing is EXCITING!

After You Have Started

And then you realize not everyone responds to your same excitement… Sometimes it’s because they don’t understand, or they are too busy to listen or for any other excuse.

After You Get Some Resistance

You feel down, the glad tiding you bring is being ignored, shut in your face and can feel as though it beat you down.

In The End

A great thing then happens… you develop some tough skin. You realize to not take it personally and you remember why you got started in the first place. As an entrepreneur, a father and as a human being I have gone through this and I believe you may have as well when you got a new job or when you started a new project or began a new stage of your life as we age. We keep the purpose, the vision and the excitement with a new self-assurance that you do the best you can and how people react to the value you offer is -their reaction- and we can carry on sharing our passion, our purpose, our love to others with confidence and self-assurance.

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