You, Others and the Next Level

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Kevin Strong Reality Expert

You, Others, and the Next Level

People are the best part and where there can be the most improvement. Experience better accountability, peak performance, desire and passion with the people around you, beside you, in front of you, and behind you.

Most people over-utilize or under-utilize the great synergy that is created when working with or for others. But did you know that balance is different for each person?



Attendees will learn:


  • To acknowledge that you’re not NBA height nor small enough to be a horse jockey. We have limits and how does that contribute to being your best self?
  • To become more aware of your talents and strengths.
  • To identify what is given to us and how to generate appreciation from others for what we continually give to them.
  • How to attract the best support system.


About Kevin Strong

Kevin Strong is the author of the highly rated book, Being Wise, and is a personal development expert and business leader. Delivering several live events annually, Kevin is becoming known for his life-changing presentations that engage the audience with humor, memorable stories, and easy to implement steps to improve.