Innovation for the New Economy

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Kevin Strong Convention Speaking

Innovation for the New Economy

Ideas! They are a-plenty. Innovating new ideas, catapulting to new growth and dealing with change is what this advanced course is all about.

Every organization can benefit from an increased awareness to be more innovative, have better ways of doing things, and implement best practices for future growth.



Attendees will learn:


  • How to generate and recall good ideas you have.
  • How to get the best tasks completed each day and increase time management.
  • The upcoming changes we will see and how to set ourselves up to capitalize on them.
  • What your competitors are doing and wish you wouldn’t.
  • Why and how the top people see the world’s opportunities that most don’t.


About Kevin Strong

Kevin Strong is the author of the highly rated book, Being Wise, and is a personal development expert and business leader. Delivering several live events annually, Kevin is becoming known for his life-changing presentations that engage the audience with humor, memorable stories, and easy to implement steps to improve.