Kevin Strong Motivational Speaking
Our Speaking Programs are geared to bring out the best results for you and your organization.

please call 702-763-4862 and we can discuss 3 good options that may fit your needs and your budget.


You, Others and The Next Level: How to Achieve, Experience, and Overcome. The most inspirational and impactful keynote that is ideal for people today, more than ever wanting authentic and solid information while also entertaining their 7-second attention spans.

Real Life Advantage: The 6 Advantages to Our Greatest Factor for Success. The most asked about and talked about keynote that drives attitude and effort, better results, deeper relationships, and greater overall success.


Raving Sales with Raving Fans: Increase sales, build the relationships and keep them.

Rock Star Entrepreneur: Increase your own productivity and that of your staff with key tips, time management strategies, and ways to create and sustain your vision for the future. This is great for franchise events, small business owner events, and leaders in any organization.

Innovation for the New Economy: Ideas! They are a-plenty. Innovating new ideas, catapulting to new growth and dealing with change is what this advanced course is all about.

You, Others and the Next Level: People are the best part and where there can be the most improvement. Experience better accountability, peak performance, desire and passion with the people around you, beside you, in front of you, and behind you.


Kevin’s engaging keynotes are customized specifically for you. They utilize our full research and have actionable steps that lead to results for your purpose. In our opinion, too many mistakenly focus on the “inputs” (our fee and our time) instead of the “outputs” (our value, the client’s needs and how we improve their situation.) Because you wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a presentation for 30 people with less preparation and a presentation for 3,000 people with extensive preparation please call 702-763-4862 and we can discuss 3 good options that may fit your needs and your budget.

For prices call 702-763-4862 Half Day and Full Day Rates Available