Random Act of Kindness – Grocery Store

The Squeaky Wheel

We have all been there or seen this happen. We get to the grocery store, we walk to the entrance and we grab a shopping cart that looks clean, the newest and the one with the least amount of trash in it. We then proceed to make it a good 15 feet and the cart is squeaking and rocking and it is going to drive us crazy if we don’t go back to the numerous amounts of shopping carts to find one that is quiet… We find one after one with a broken wheel, lopsided cart or the dreaded one that is just gross. Successfully we find one that will roll without noise (or very little) and we go about with the real reason we came to the store, to grocery shop.


Time Tested

I took the approach one day to grab a shopping cart from someone that was finished so they didn’t have to return it back to the store and heck I was going that way anyways so why not give a helping hand. I thought it a decent thing to do serving my neighbor, my community and helping the store out with this very insignificant gesture all the while walking towards the store I was going to anyways. What I found is that this cart was time tested! It had been through the routine of people picking what shopping carts were quiet and could last through the shopping experience. What I found is that along with doing a kind act of service serving my fellow men and women I had a shopping cart I could continue on with through my own grocery shopping. What a marvelous benefit to a small act of kindness.


What random act of kindness has brought you unexpected benefits? How many shopping carts do you touch before you find the right one? For more information to apply the six advantages to one’s greatest factor to success click here to order and complete our Real Life Advantage Workbook.

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