Let’s Be Real (Weight-Loss Style) 1

Where I Was Before Weight-Loss

I’m not one to get caught up in the weight-loss hype. I have been fortunate to have an athletic lifestyle ever since running around as a kid and participating in either soccer, football or wrestling. I have also been fortunate to not have a medical reason to be overweight, but as one gets older and there are more office work and less school recess and treats (mmm treats) seems to take a harder toll on our bodies I found I was 205 lbs. Being 6′ 0″ I considered myself as healthy, but not as athletic or off the deep-end heavy either.

What I Did To Have Weight-Loss

Now at the time, I didn’t eat many (twice a week) processed foods such as McDonald’s or something we would heat up in a microwave and me occasionally (once a week) would go for a 1-hour bike ride. Oh and I also do a good 10-minute workout (6 mornings a week, okay more like 4) which aligns with what is learned from the Real Life Advantage Workbook.

It was November mid-month (say the 12th) I would continue keeping up with my morning 10-minute workouts and doing my once a week bike rides I changed what I ate. I began to eat green smoothies (look gross, but tastes GREAT! if done properly, really!) I stayed away from sugar and bread. This is not to say I didn’t eat dessert, I want to enjoy life and there are days I fully indulge a chocolatey sugary treat. I found eating vegetables more enjoyable and discovered there are more than 2-3. There is now more like 15 and I love eating 7-8 of them, and won’t eat others 😉 Well after eating just healthier food in February I had lost 30 lbs (2-3 lbs a week after looking back as I didn’t weigh as I went, it wasn’t as important to me than just having better-eating habits).

It has now been 7 months and I maintain the 30 lbs off weighing in at 175-180. That’s how I completed my weight loss of 30 lbs from 205 to 175. I did it for a healthier life and I see benefits in mental awareness, energy, sleep, less stress, memory, etc. All minimal but they add up and we can feel it when we lose weight, so don’t do it for the weight-loss, do it for all the other things (and enjoy a good dessert, I eat healthy 90% of the time)

Have you done a diet? Did you realize what you needed was actually a lifestyle change? Did you keep your weight-loss off or did it come back?

Here is a before photo and after photo with some great friends I have met over this timeframe Darren LaCroix, Marilyn Sherman and in the next photo Chad Hymas

Blog post 13a      Blog post 13b

And here are some of my plates of food – there were more dishes but I ate them before I could take a photo 🙂

Blog post 13c Blog post 13 Blog post 13d

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