Giving to others (Toys 4 Smiles Style)

When You Give You Receive

When not speaking I participate as a leader of the Boy Scouts of America helping our 11-year-old boy scouts earn merit badges and do things to serve in our local community. This alone is fulfilling to me as I work with these boys and I get to be a part of their growth, but recently we were able to give at an organization called Toys 4 Smiles. At Toys 4 Smiles we showed up to a small workshop full of machinery and the smell of wood. After watching a short safety and instruction video (AHHH! We want to work with the tools, but being responsible we get through it and it was probably good so we didn’t cut off our fingers 🙂 ) we took part in building small wooden cars that needed to be cut, branded, smoothed and then put together and stained.

Gratitude With a Smile

We met Rex a delightful man and I asked him how many units do they make and give away each month. His response “3,000” and that their goal used to be 500 a year when they started 8 years ago. What do they do with all of these cars? They give these toys to the needy kids in Las Vegas (Needy kids are not necessarily poor). And in Rex’s gracious manner gave each of us volunteers a car of our choosing to take home.



Decent people are great to be around and there are many good people and organizations we thankfully get to be associated with. In what ways do you give and feel you received just as much from the service you gave if not more? Isn’t it nice to feel win-win scenarios?

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