Network Challenge
What is the speed network challenge and how do you do it?   What Is The Speed Network Challenge? It is telling people about you in 5 minutes or less because people do business with people they know, like, trust and value.   The reason this is effective is: Like TED talks it is short […]

Speed Network Challenge

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go is an overnight success that surprised Nintendo and everyone that drives on a used to be a quiet road which is now crowded with little kids, teenagers, single adults and whole families as a family activity. Why such success? What makes it so popular for so many age groups? Let’s Take […]

What makes Pokemon Go successful?

In The Beginning The excitement of sharing what you believe, the value you can offer, and to be at the beginning of something amazing is EXCITING! After You Have Started And then you realize not everyone responds to your same excitement… Sometimes it’s because they don’t understand, or they are too busy to listen or for […]

The Beginning of Something Amazing