“Kevin is an advanced speaker. A true pro! We are privileged to have Kevin as a speaker.” – Fred Shelton at Shelton and Steele

“The book “Being Wise” is required reading at Shelton and Steele.” – Fred Shelton at Shelton and Steele


“What great stories Kevin tells! Everyone can understand, relate and apply it to their own life.” – Sarah Boehmer at Ceasars Entertainment


“After listening to Kevin my performance improved at work, my sales increased, and I carry myself with more confidence.” – Arthur at W.J.Bradley Mortgage Capital


“Kevin is a strong speaker! We enjoy hearing him and his topic is interesting and presented in a way that is very entertaining, authentic, and value added!” – Gidget Swanson

“Your content changed my life.” – Aroune Gibirila, CPA


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