6 Advantages

To Apply the 6 Advantages is the “Real Life Advantage”

Thank you for your help and partnering with us. Our book “Being Wise” which is great on content, can for the majority be shared in Kevin Strong’s “Real Life Advantage” 6 advantages to our greatest factor for success. You see life is Abundant, Decent, Flexible, Generous, Quality, and Self-Assured, therefore:

1. Abundance not scarcity — People recognize the plentiful options, opportunities, and strengths around them.

2. Decency not indecency — People take in their feeling of importance by doing any good they can, giving or adding value.

3. Flexibility not expecting — People discern what they can predict or adapt to outside of their control.

4. Gratitude not entitled — People notice the many things given to them to appreciate.

5. Quality not quantity — People identify the worth that fills their needs and the needs of others.

6. Self-Assurance not insecurity — People realize who they are as being confident in their abilities or character.

The greatest factor in any individual’s or organization’s success has been and will continue to be their ability to apply these 6 advantages. We call this the “Real Life Advantage” learn more, apply this or to schedule Kevin Strong at your next event or training session by contacting us: Phone 702.763.4862, office[at]RealLifeAdvantage.com, or any of the social media icons at the bottom or left side of this page.


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