Real Life Advantage started in 2012 with the release of Kevin Strong’s first book, Being Wise. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada with ease of travel to and from any location in the world. Our keynote speech Real Life Advantage is shared with people throughout the world, benefiting them and all of us that are around them. We promote the Real Life Advantage through Keynote Speakings, Training Programs (Live, Online, Independent Study) and from our clients who have experienced our message at their successful events. We are grateful for this. Thank you for your help and partnering with us. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we hope to see you at your next event or training session.


Who is Kevin Strong?

Kevin Strong, is a personal development expert, business innovator, and author of Being Wise. He uses humor and illustrations with business insight to show individuals and organizations how they can unleash their inherent potential. This is done by overcoming 6 detriments and shifting to what his 5 years of research have found to be 6 advantages to our greatest factor for success. He overcame personal challenges in his youth and went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Weber State University and to work in management for a Fortune 500 company. Learn More >>


Why choose us?

  1. Event Planners want great audience feedback. I deliver! The entertainment, knowledge, and expertise I bring make for a memorable and lasting experience to please the company’s objective and the audience member’s expectations.
  2. Event Planners want someone easy to work with. I believe in communicating with the event planner when I arrive. I believe in having all the needed items listed on my website and I come prepared with backup items, so the event can go on without a hitch.
  3. Organizations want topics covered that are more process issues, rather than content issues. I deliver speeches to cover not the content of having a good attitude and putting in more effort, but by providing the process to improving accountability, productivity, customer service satisfaction, and training retention. For example, others may speak on the content of “employee stress reduction” but I speak to “improve productivity.” I look at what’s in the ROI for the organization hiring me for results.
  4. Individuals want to be uplifted and have practical steps to get better. We have created, with research, the “Real Life Advantage” program to do just that. Our specialties include entertaining, increasing creativity, improving effectiveness, increasing results, bettering our adaptability to change, increasing our influence, building stronger morale, and offering the best ROI and value with our guarantee to meet your expectations or make it right.
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Our Mission:  To help each individual and organization, no matter their background, gain the 6 advantages to our greatest factor for success! We know that after they gain this Real Life Advantage it frees them to be who they really are, to bring about their uniqueness, their potential and together they live better and those around them live better.

Vision:  At each event, deliver memorable experiences that impact our real audience. Our real audience is the people our audience goes back to either at home or in the office. If we can have that much of an impact that our audience can take it back and impact who they surround themselves with we did our job.